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A Royal Copenhagen porcelain charger designed in 2004 by prolific artist and costume designer Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid, known to some as Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark.


It is with great sadness we lost Michael Winterton last night to COVID-19. He was a wonderful auctioneer back at the old Smithfield Market in #Lichfield and still regarded by many of the old farmers as the best on the rostrum

(Uncle Michael is pictured left with my dad, Tony)

So 3 years since the BBC axed Flog It. They wanted to make more “ambitious” TV,

like putting celebs in a large centrifuge (Wheel)

or dog grooming (Pooch Perfect)

& in the meantime? Nearly every day they show high rating repeats of...

Flog It.

You couldn’t make it up🙈

Last good buy of this year

Took a risk on a “World War II” Japanese blade remembering that earlier family blades were often remounted (additional holes to the tang)

Signature translated (thanks to @laura_bordignon & @V_and_A 🙏🏻) & it’s a Muromachi period blade!🙂


Beatrix Potter–who died #OTD 1943–was a canny businesswoman & as early as 1903 had made & patented a Peter Rabbit doll. It was followed by other licensed merchandise spin-offs over the years & earned Potter an independent income, as well as immense profits for her publisher.

Ignorant of his parentage, Richard (of Eastwell) Plantagenet–died #OTD 1550–met Richard III just before Bosworth. The king proposed to acknowledge him as his son & raise him to royalty after the battle, but with the monarch's defeat, he spent his life as a reclusive bricklayer.

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