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STOLEN? A good-hearted person reached out and insisted that this 17th-century Indian (Bikaner?) miniature (6.25 in. x 5.25 in.) was stolen from a NYC auction house in the mid to late 1960s. She says the thief was a member of her family and she would like to return it. Ideas?

HE senior managers would cut or close archaeology & heritage programmes knowing these basic stats?

So, ignorance, incompetence or total lack of business sense: which is it?

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Dig For Archaeology@ForArchaeology

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really lovely, early and rare Staffordshire soap box coming up soon at Bonhams

An audience with the Qianlong emperor, via the small screen

It is difficult to sum up how depressing, infuriating and irresponsible the threats to @ArchaeologyChe1 and @UniShefArch are. The former is a wonderful addition to our archaeological community. Vibrant, dynamic, teaching great students and delivering critical research...1/4

What a relief! In 1775, Londoners would be delighted to know that Mr Woodward the Nightman could empty their privy or cesspool “at the shortest notice on the most reasonable terms”. While he’s at it, he’ll sweep their chimney & cart their rubbish too. More

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