Letter to the Editor – Figurines


Letter to the Editor – Figurines

Dear Editor,

I was delighted to find your site and look forward to reading future issues. With this message is a picture of a pair of small figures which I inherited. I know they are at least forty years old but wonder if you could tell me anything about them? Are they likely to be valuable? I really don’t want to sell them but it might be silly not to.


Best of luck with your new publication.

Yours sincerely,

MG Spain.

(Name & email address supplied)

Dear MG,

Thank you for your contribution and best wishes.

As far as I can see your figures appear to be hand painted, unglazed earthenware & I would guess are over a hundred years old – possibly continental. They do not strike me as being fantastically valuable and I would suggest that you keep them until you can get them checked by an expert.

If there are any marks underneath, perhaps you could email a photo of them to me it may help to date the figures and show where they were made.

If any one has more information, opinions or ideas, why not email me and I will post the info on this page.



MG has emailed me a photo of the bases.


They appear to be made from an orange toned clay. I think they are German and date from about 1880. Sadly the value is still not high, but they are odd enough and old enough to be worth hanging onto!