Letter to the Editor – Vase

Dear Sirs,

I have the following urn vase (see pictures).
Please let me know what it is, when made, and the possible value

Regards,     B

Mark underneath
Mark underneath
Ornate vase
Ornate vase

Thank you for your question – Its certainly an interesting piece.

The mark and general appearance seem to be consistent with pieces from the Rodolstadt Volkstedt area (Germany, Thuringia). I believe the mark is that of

Triebner, Ens and Eckkert 1876-1894

and as there is no other mark on the base I would suggest that it dates between 1877-1886

As far as value is concerned that is a little trickier assuming there is no damage – it would depend on where you are selling it and how. As a dealer in the UK (where the provincial market for decorative Volkstedt pieces is not that good) I would probably price it at around #250 – #300 – particularly as I would expect it to be part of a larger set.

In the US where large decorative 19th Century pieces seem to be more popular I would price it higher at around $700 – $900 as a private seller I would seek the advice of your local auctioneer or even join the discussion board at http://www.porcelainsite.com/   which, whilst it is a source of modern Volkstedt porcelain, also has a discussion forum for older pieces their identification and, I believe, value.


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